About Us

Principal Owner/Broker- Linda Kazak

Linda Kazak relocated to Southwest Florida in 1998 from Dayton, Ohio. Upon arrival, Linda started her career in real estate in the residential arena and quickly gained experience and knowledge in several areas in the field from high-rise development to commercial real estate. She eventually became a broker in 2015. Linda started with Sunizo Superior Realty Management in September 2013 serving as the property manager for the fund with only 4 properties. The fund quickly grew to 24 properties within 12 months and eventually to 34 properties in Florida, Texas and Georgia. She serves as the Regional Sales and Leasing Director overseeing leasing, sales, and marketing activities. Ms. Kazak has experience in every facet of real estate including residential, commercial, leasing, management, marketing, foreclosures, short sales, and developer sales.

She now provides professional commercial real estate services throughout the west coast of southern Florida through Kazak Real Estate.

General Contractor- Brian O'Donnell

Brian O’Donnell has been a state certified building contractor since 1996. His experience is extensive and includes running a division of a $40 million company for 10 years. Mr O’Donnell also worked for a property management company and was responsible for their capital improvements, repairs, and maintenance for 30+ properties in three states.