Boutique Commercial Property Management

Boutique Commercial Property Management Services

Kazak Real Estate (KRE) understands you have commercial property management needs and one-size doesn’t fit all. We have personalized experiences for your needs based on your investment necessities. Below is a breakdown of optional services that we provide.

Monthly Property Site Visits

Monthly site visits are an integral part of managing your property and you can count on KRE to keep an eye on your investment.

  • Generate monthly report on the condition of the building and grounds.
  • Highlight any necessary repairs and/or clean up recommendations with accompanying photos.
  • Note any discussions with tenants that will impact the management of the property.
  • Upon request: 3 and 7 Day Notices posted on the property.

Vacant Unit Services

We have a seamless and comprehensive service from the moment a tenant leaves the unit. KRE keeps you informed about the condition of each space once it is vacated.

  • Obtain tenant keys and place a lock box on the unit door (the code will be provided to the owner).
  • Take photos of each repair recommended for the unit to be rent-ready.
  • Complete move out form.
  • Take overall photos of the interior unit and exterior photos for initial advertising Ensure unit is broom swept.

Comprehensive Move Out

KRE will take the move out process to another level! We will ensure the necessary repairs are completed from start to finish.

  • Take photos of each repair required for the rent-ready work
  • Prepare service orders with the scope of work for the rent-ready repairs and submit to the owner for approval
  • Submit the scope of work to the vendor for an estimate
  • Submit the estimate to the owner for approval
  • Schedule work to be completed by the vendor
  • Punch out the unit and once finalized, take photos of the completed repairs
  • Take photos for advertising after repairs are complete
  • Obtain invoices, the W-9, and insurance from the vendor for payment and submit documentation to the owner

Additional Services

Kazak Real Estate offers additional commercial real estate services, contact KRE for more information about the following:

  • Lease Renewal Services
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Capital Improvements