Leasing and Renewal Services

Leasing Services

Kazak Real Estate provides premier leasing and renewal services. We have a pulse on the market. KRE understands what it takes to get a vacant space filled. We interact with prospects daily and we monitor what they are looking for. We analyze the market and determine the best rates for your property. KRE takes an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of how units are performing and the team makes necessary adjustments based on the research and data.

If you are ready to take away the stress of finding a tenant, we are here to help. Based on your needs, KRE can provide the following:

  • Determine market-specific rental rates
  • Produce engaging visuals for marketing materials highlighting the property and space available
  • List vacancies on active commercial real estate websites for advanced exposure
  • Evaluate prospects and provide criminal and credit background checks
  • Review leases and documents provided by prospects
  • Initiate the leasing process from start to completion 

Businesses / Tenants

As a business or individual, we know you are well-versed in your field and you are focused on your company needs. Here at Kazak Real Estate, we want to make the process of finding a space smooth and efficient. Commercial real estate involves an extensive research of the market and detailed knowledge of operating needs in the context of specific properties. We are here to help along the way! We can search for spaces that will best suit your business needs. We also understand what property features may be beneficial, provide more exposure, and/or may hinder your business. Our insight can ensure you are finding the right space for your business needs. KRE has extensive experience and we can prepare your lease agreements!

KRE knows optimizing your business is important, and finding the right space is necessary. We can help with the following:

  • Research units that can fit your specific needs via several commercial real estate websites
  • Gather property data to help you make an informed decision about the right space
  • Guide you through the commercial real estate leasing process.
  • Draft LOIs (Letters of Intent) and prepare lease agreements
  • Negotiate for terms that are important for your needs and requests
  • Overview what responsibilities and expenses you should be aware of as a prospective tenant

Renewal Services

As a landlord, each of your tenants will have a lease agreement and each one may have different terms and/or options. Every so often a tenant is ready to renew, if you have multiple units this can be a daunting task. We know it can be overwhelming, but we have the skill and trusted knowledge to efficiently renew tenant leases. KRE is ready to execute a smooth renewal procedure:

  • Notify tenants in advance that their renewal is coming up
  • Based on their lease and their response, review and report back to the landlord the tenant’s intentions
  • Draft renewal leases or a new lease for the tenant depending on the market, property specific activity, and requests of the landlord
  • Follow up with the tenant prior to the lease expiration and notify the landlord of any updates